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I’ve been on a real roll lately with decluttering my wardrobe, organizing my office closet and finally tackling some kitchen remodelling. Along the same lines, I literally woke up one morning and felt the sudden urge to clean out my makeup collection. I’m sure there’s some psychological reason behind why I find organizing/decluttering so satisfying. Something, something, need to be in control, something…

Anyway, I thought I’d film my makeup declutter because I love watching videos of other people doing it. I find it really gives me a sense of what they actually really love and what they don’t.

And yes, this is only the first part, comprising of just face products, which is already super long. I had to break it up into three videos because I guess I just have that much makeup…

Let me know if you’re interested in more content like this on the blog. I’d be happy to oblige!





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