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For those of you who don’t know, I work at home. I’m lucky enough to have a room in our house that is just mine, to use for work, painting, crafting, sewing and all my many DIY adventures. But it has been in a sad, sad state for the past two years, basically since we’ve moved in.

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DIY office remodel before Montreal lifestyle decor blog 4

Last year, I finally tackled organizing my closet (full post is here), but I still put off doing anything about the room itself until very recently. I think it was a combination of not knowing what to do with the space, considering I use it for many purposes, and trying to be patient in terms of waiting for the “right” pieces to come along at a time when I can invest in more furniture.

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I need my office to wear a lot of hats. I paint in it, so I need a dedicated area for my art supplies, easel and chair, preferably by the window because I like using natural light. I need to be able to sew, measure, build and take photos of my projects for the blog (which I mostly use the floor for) so I need a clear, open floor space. And obviously, I need tons of storage, to keep all my books, journals, photos, musical instruments and mementos organized and nicely displayed. I keep most of my DIY supplies in the closet, but turns out, I have a lot of random crap regardless!

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Another thing is, I’ve always wanted a cozy kind of sitting area in the room, for those times when I just want to curl up with a book or just sit somewhere else with my laptop that’s not at my desk all day long. And I just wanted to update some of my dingy furniture. I mean, I spend all day in here, I just wanted a cuter set up. So sue me!

office remodel after Montreal decor lifestyle blog

So I started tackling the office remodel just before the new year! All in all, it hasn’t been too drastic of a transformation. I had only a few goals. I wanted it to be more chic and organized, make better use of the space and surfaces I had, and keep the budget as low as possible. Consequently, even though I don’t really like my office chair or bookshelf, I decided not to get new ones, although I had considered it. But sometimes you gotta prioritize other things and maybe someday in the future, I will be able to invest in nicer pieces.

Ikea bookshelf display shelf office remodel Montreal decor lifestyle blog

I went through all the crap on my shelving unit, got rid of things I didn’t need to keep there, got some more storage boxes, put my shoes in the closet and restyled the piece to be more of a display shelf, rather than simply for storage. I also got rid of the little white table I was trying to use as a storage surface for my art supplies and got a utility cart which is way more efficient in terms of storage and organization, and takes up less than half the space.

dress form floral wall hanging utility cart office remodel Montreal decor lifestyle blog

Ikea Strandmon yellow armchair trunk dress form floral wall hanging fireplace stove space heater office remodel Montreal decor lifestyle blog office remodel Montreal decor lifestyle blog

The biggest change is that I finally filled up the empty side of my office opposite the shelving unit with a little seating area, complete with a comfy armchair, little coffee table and teeny, tiny area rug. And even though I kind of hate the look of my super ugly office chair that doesn’t go with anything else in the room, I decided not to get another one. I have very specific ergonomic chair needs and the cute ones (that are affordable) just don’t make the cut. I settled for just draping a little velvet, fringey shawl over the back of it to kind of beautify the ol’ eyesore. Sorry chair, no hard feelings…you treat my back right, but you ugly!

vintage desk Ikea Markus office chair Barometer desk lamp office remodel Montreal decor lifestyle blog

I definitely wanted to keep my vintage desk, though, and I just kind of cleaned up the drawers so that I could put more stuff in them instead of taking up room on the desk surface. And finally, I finished off my work area with a brass desk lamp in a similar retro style to match the desk.

Ikea Barometer desk lamp vintage desk office remodel Montreal decor lifestyle blog

bookshelf – Ikea (discontinued)
utility cart – Michaels
easel, light fixture – can’t remember
flower wall hanging DIY
curtain – Urban Outfitters (old)
trunk, wooden chair, desk – thrifted
desk chair – Ikea
desk lampIkea
space heater – Amazon
dress formAmazon

Ikea Strandmon armchair vintage trunk office remodel Montreal decor lifestyle blog

So, what do you think of my office remodel? This is definitely not the “final finished project.” More of a simple upgrade/in-between stage that didn’t break the bank, but made the space a whole lot cuter and more functional.




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